DIY girl

diy girl is a book I will be reading and trying 2 make most of the crafts u can follow along with me if you want this is the book I may also be able 2 rent it from your nearest library also comment down below which craft normal or any type of book you want me to read next and I may also comment down below if u have this book or have read a book by this author image

Summer winter

i love summer but I love winter comment down below which you like more then I will add winters together and the numbers of summer and tell u the numbers also let me know in the comments some items for a Valentine’s Day craft and I will prob use all those items ex: pink and red paper, scissors, glue etc




Thank you so much for visiting my website I’m really exited to get to post a bunch of stuff for everyone to see!!! Please comment about something you like and I might even be able to write about it in one of my blogs. Here are some things I might post about: crafts, drawings, books, dances and songs and a bunch more!😎🤓😋😉