Creating your own website

Have you ever wanted to Create your own website or blog? Well it’s actually pretty do create your own website or blog? Well it’s actually pretty easy…


All you have to do is search and you can create a free website and it can be a normal website or a blog.😁

You can pay money for special parts like a domain, (Which  means instead of it being http://www.example.Wordpress.Com it can be and a lot more 😁


Ten instruments

Here is a list of ten instruments you may even like to play one!

1. Drums

2. Guitar

3. Piano

4. Violin

5. Trumpet

6.  Clarinet

7. Accordion

8. Bass

9. Ukulele

10. Flute


I hope you liked this post comment down below which was your favorite and if you liked more than one then list all the ones you like, by!!!

DIY girl

diy girl is a book I will be reading and trying 2 make most of the crafts u can follow along with me if you want this is the book I may also be able 2 rent it from your nearest library also comment down below which craft normal or any type of book you want me to read next and I may also comment down below if u have this book or have read a book by this author image

Summer winter

I love summer but I love winter comment down below which you like more then I will add winters together and the numbers of summer and tell u the numbers also let me know in the comments some items for a Valentine’s Day craft and I will prob use all those items ex: pink and red paper, scissors, glue etc




Thank you so much for visiting my website I’m really exited to get to post a bunch of stuff for everyone to see!!! Please comment about something you like and I might even be able to write about it in one of my blogs. Here are some things I might post about: crafts, drawings, books, dances and songs and a bunch more!😎🤓😋😉